Computer and Network Services in Columbus, OH
Columbus, Ohio

Nerds-On-Wheels.com, Inc. is your one stop shop for technology and technology services. We provide computer hardware, software, network and server support to small businesses located throughout central Ohio and beyond. We also provide support for residential/home users. Our clients come from various vertical markets. We are committed to providing the best IT solutions and support possible in the market and will be there for you through to the end. If you are looking for a partner with exceptional abilities to resolve technology problems/issues facing your business today, and work with you to plan for tomorrow’s challenges; you will find Nerds-On-Wheels.com, Inc. is the best one to fit your needs.

We work with small businesses to design and deliver their entire IT infrastructure. Our offerings include Desktop and Server Support, Audio and Video Systems/Displays, Surveillance Systems, VoIP Solutions, Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks and Structured Cabling. We also provide software development for all businesses which includes designing, developing and maintaining customer-oriented applications and Websites. Our fully integrated designs deliver robust, efficient solutions that provide a highly productive platform for all types of customers to operate their businesses.

We will be there for you 24/7. If you are ready to work with a technology company that will always put your needs first, contact us today.