Home Backup and Recovery

Automated dependable backup of your important data
Data Backup

  • If you never want to lose those family photos or bank statements that you downloaded, you really need to backup your data NOW. There are so many ways that you can lose some or all of those important files and you can prevent that by scheduling an appointment with Nerds-On-Wheels.com, Inc. to implement a backup solution that is as easy or complicated as you want or need.
  • A Home Backup does not have to be difficult.  How many times have you heard people recommend Cloud Backup?  Did you know that it will not backup everything and you could be paying monthly or annually for storage?  A backup solution’s dependability is mostly about two things; how easy or difficult is the process and how much can you afford to spend to be safe.  The least expensive solutions are not always the safest and the most expensive solutions are not always the simplest.  We can help you balance between budget and safety.
  • Data Recovery at home is possible.  It only depends on how you store your backup and where you store the backup.