In Home Computer Support

In Home computer support
Support in-home and in-office; Customer Service is what we do.
Support is what we do. It does not matter if you just need some help with how to archive your email or if you need us to cleanup your computer after a malware infection, we are here to help. Our staff have experience supporting computer users in many different types of business and many different homes so when you need us, we can be there.

    • Do you need help organizing your email or is your Microsoft Outlook running slowly?  We can help you archive email and cleanup your mailbox.
    • Do you think that you are infected with a virus or malware and need help cleaning up your computer?  Our staff are experienced in cleaning up malware and virus infections.  Contact us today for an appointment.
    • Do you have locations in your home where you cannot connect to your network or the Internet?  We have experience in resolving wireless and wired network issues with creative solutions.
    • Is your computer running slow or making strange noises?  We can troubleshoot your computer issues and recommend solutions.  If you need an upgrade, we can provide options to improve your computer’s performance.
    • Are you looking for help with Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word?  Our team has many years of experience working with Microsoft Office products and using them to create templates, mailing lists, labels and many other uses.