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Protection from Malware
Virus Protection and Malware Cleanup

In the 21st century everyone needs to protect their data from Malware and viruses. Depending on what you use your computer(s) for at home, we can implement a solution that will protect you from most, if not all of the scary things that come in over email and compromised websites.

    • What are you currently using to protect your computers?  Norton?  McAfee?  Trend Micro?  Nod32?  PCMatic?  Kapersky?  Sophos?  AVG?  Avast?  Did I leave anything out?  We have favorites and then there are the rest.  Are you already using our favorite?  Contact us to find out more.
    • Do you need help with virus removal or general cleanup?  We can clear out all of that malicious clutter and at the same time recommend any appropriate upgrades.
    • We can also help you to implement a backup solution that will protect your data from everything including Ransomware.