Does Microsoft consider all Windows customers to be their Alpha testers?

Why is it that it seems Microsoft updates are more often than not causing issues for almost everyone?  The April Microsoft releases seem to affect almost every version of Windows and not in the same ways.  Windows 7 users who have certain versions of third party antivirus software installed experienced boot issues after the updates.  Windows 10 users with certain third party antivirus software installed experienced extreme slowdowns.  Windows Server versions have also experienced issues with boot up and login after these latest patches.

If you are experiencing issues after the week of April 8, 2019, it is likely that you have been hit with the latest Microsoft Alpha testing.  From our research and testing, we have determined that the following Windows updates can be an issue:  KB4493467, KB4493472, KB4493446, KB4493448 and KB4493435.  From our testing the best solution is to uninstall these patches and hide them from future installation.

If you are not computer savvy or are just not comfortable with the process of removing Microsoft patches, contact, Inc. or a trusted computer expert for assistance.