• Ransomware is the latest “big bad wolf” that everyone needs to be concerned about if you have a computer. If you do not have a secure and current backup of your data and you become infected with Ransomware, you will need to pay the ransom or say goodbye to all of your important files forever. Ransomware will encrypt part or all of your files and demand a fee to provide the decryption key that should allow you to decrypt all of your files. The ransom fee usually starts at $500 and  doubles every so many days that you do not pay and eventually they assume that you are not going to pay and just delete your decryption key. One issue with Ransomware is that there is no guarantee that you will ever receive the decryption key after you have paid the ransom or that the key you receive will actually decrypt your files. Another issue is that you still have to correctly go through the process of decrypting your files once you have a working key. If you are lucky and are able to decrypt your files, you still have a computer that has been compromised and will likely need to be completely wiped and everything reinstalled from scratch. If you have a secure and current backup, you can ignore the ransom demand and just restore from the backup and go on like nothing ever happened.