Retail Systems and Point of Sale

Retail systems and Point of Sale

Retail means a lot of different things.  If you are talking “Brick and Mortar”, it means computers, network, merchant services, dependable backup, customer loyalty and a lot more.  If you are talking “Web Store”, it means all of the above plus Internet connectivity, Web presence, servers, redundancy and more.

    • Point of sale drives your bottom line and it needs to run fast and be stable.  This all starts with properly installed structured cabling and includes good quality business class computers that are built to survive the retail environment.  We will help you to select the appropriate hardware for your needs.
    • Electronic communication is critical to keeping your customers happy.  This can be as simple as offering free wifi in your retail store.  This is also making sure that your point of sale systems stay working and process transactions quickly so that your customer is not waiting too long at the checkout.
    • All of your equipment needs to be protected from malware, viruses and especially ransomware. This requires safe and dependable backup of all of your data and strong antivirus software.  Our team can implement network security that will protect your proprietary data and customer information.
    • Your systems are only as good as the computer hardware and network that they are running on.  Never try to run your business on a computer that was designed for home use or try to make a desktop computer a server.
    • Customer loyalty involves many different facets of the retail experience.  Counting the number of customers who enter your store can help with the calculations of transactions per customer.  Offering loyalty programs that give your customers an incentive to return to your store will drive return business.  Selling gift cards for your business will generate return business.  If you capture all of this data and analyze it, you can determine what is helping to drive repeat business and what is not.  Our team has experience in all of these areas and can help you to create the tools to analyze your business to improve your bottom line.
    • Store security is important as a theft deterrent and can be used a s tool to analyze the customer experience.  We can help you implement video surveillance in your retail space that suits your needs.