Programming Services for business

Software Development

Our team has experience in everything from creating small scripts that automate a mundane process to building a database application that your entire organization depends on to track inventory and or production.  We have worked as part of a larger team customizing an existing application utilizing source code management and we have worked independently as a single developer.

    • We have decades of experience with Point Of Sale (POS) development on JDA’s Win/DSS product that involved customization and creation of completely new functions within the application.
    • We have created web based applications utilizing Microsoft SQL Server databases that are compatible with Apple, Windows and Android browsers.
    • We have implemented automation scripting across LANs and WANs to handle things like backup replication of even roll out of new application features.
    • Do you need to export data from one application or system, reformat that data an then import it into another application or system?  We have decades of experience with data conversion between many different systems and applications.
    • Do you need to create a template form for use in your business?  We can create a functional template utilizing Microsoft Excel that could utilize your existing data to provide a user friendly form that will organize the data for printing or just saving for retrieval in the future.

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