SPAM Management for businesses

Reduce SPAM email
SPAM Filtering
SPAM has gone from a minor annoyance to a major headache for many if not all email users. We can help with customizing filtering that reduces the amount of SPAM that your users see. If you have a Microsoft Exchange Server or plan to implement one, we can implement email security that can stop the majority of SPAM and viruses before they hit your users’ inboxes.

    • SPAM, in this context, is all of those unwanted emails that we all receive and cannot seem to stop.  We can help to customize a solution that can and will reduce the quantity of unwanted email received by your company.  In some cases we have reduced it down from hundreds a day to less than ten.
    • Most of us do not even know how we were added to some of the email lists that we are on or how to be removed from them.  If you have had the same email address for more than five years, the chances are that you have been part of an email list that was acquired by hackers or bad actors and your email address has been copied from one list to another and another.  You likely never asked to be placed on any of these lists but once you are on them, you can never be removed.
    • You know those wonderful “opt out” links on a lot of emails that you receive?  If you have never done business with the sender or any affiliate of the sender, the chances are that opting out on that email will actually have the opposite affect.  Many of those “opt out” links will actually add you to the “live” list for that SPAMmer which means that your email address will be replicated even faster to all of those lists that you do not want to be on.  What I am saying is if you do not recognize the sender, it will do more harm than good to click on that “opt out” link.
    • Have you ever heard of “Phishing”?  No I did not misspell that.  This is a type of malicious email that is designed to attempt to convince you to provide sensitive information to a bad actor.  Many times they are attempting to acquire bank account access details or network security details like your email password or login credentials for certain websites.  If you are not filtering or blocking SPAM, you are likely not filtering or blocking Phishing email either.  Contact us today to schedule a discussion on how we can help to protect your email systems.  If you get hooked by a phishing scam, you should have your disaster plan evaluated because you might need it sooner than you would like.
    • If you are actually looking for SPAM the edible kind, click here.