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Web Presence
Web presence encompasses many things but suffice it to say that the name says it all. This is your company saying hello on the “world wide web”. This is where the technical folks will talk to you about SEO, SSL certificates, HTML, CSS, XML and all sorts of other terminology that you probably do not really want to know about. Nerds-On-Wheels.com, Inc. can help you create a website that represents your company or we can redesign that site that has been an eyesore for a few years now.

    • The website that you are currently looking at was developed with SEO in mind.  That is Search Engine Optimization.  What that means is that it is designed to be found on the Internet when you do web searches for various things.  This is Google Search ranking and Bing Search ranking.
    • At the top of your browser you can see the green lock and our company name.  This means that this website has a valid SSL certificate that certifies that we are a real company that you can trust.
    • HTML, CSS, PHP and java are all programming languages that are used to develop a website; this one is included in that.
    • Some of the things that you need to know when you venture out into the world of having a website is that there is not just one cost for a website.  There is a cost to develop the website (programming).  There is a cost for gathering the content for your website.  There is a cost to register your domain name.  There is a cost for hosting your website.  There is a cost for an SSL certificate.  Lastly there is a cost for maintaining your SEO.  Some of these things are one time costs like the development and gathering of content.  Some of these things are annual costs like your domain registration and SSL certificate.  Hosting and SEO are typically monthly or quarterly costs.  Our team can work with you to help you budget for these costs and to know what they are up front so that there are no surprises.
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